Peter J Gordon

My name is Peter J Gordon and I’m from Scotland. It came a deep burden of mine to have a physical church plant here in Helensburgh ~ Baile Eilidh in Gaelic ~ which is a burgh in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. to proclaim the true Gospel.

 I have been trained to minister and preach through the Proclamation Trust with Cornhill Scotland 2008. We are a Bible-believing body of believers in Christ whose passion is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Word of God verse by verse with expository sermons.

My deep burden and concern in my ministry is recovering the true gospel of Jesus Christ and returning as a whole to the biblical mandate to endure sound doctrine. We are very excited about what God has called us to do planting this church in our local area. At the moment we are looking for premises.

Lighthouse to the town of Helensburgh and the World!

BAC Church is a group of believers who realize that our purpose as Christians is to be obedient to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, as found in the Word of God. Our mission as a church is two-fold:

To share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are lost.

To edify and disciple believers both old and new, so they can grow to be more like Christ.


Come and join us this Sunday as we meet together to be exhorted from God’s Word. We offer the following for you and your family:

  • Classes tailored for your children.
  • Verse by Verse expository preaching.
  • Abundant Ministry Opportunities.
  • Times of Fellowship with Other Christians.

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