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  • Brother of Goliath in 2 Samuel 21:19

    I found it interesting while watching online sermons on 2 Samuel 21:15-22 where the passage speaks about the slaying of four different giants. When the Pastor-teacher spoke on of verse 19, he got mixed up, where in his bible translation spoke of in his ESV bible saying: – And there...

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  • St. Patrick’s Day

    Here is an interested study on Patrick in which some people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The message is from a friend of mine called Biff Gordon. It is interesting that Patrick was born along the road from me in Old Kilpatrick, Scotland  

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  • Covid Chaos: Conspiracy or Reality? (Part 1 and 2)

    An especially important message from Jan Markell on the Covid injection. You can watch this video on our website at or on Rumble at:- (Part1) at this link. Part 2 at this link  Jan Markell hosts a health expert, Twila Brase, and an attorney, Marjorie Holsten, to talk about Covid...

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