Peter J Gordon

My Testimony

Hello, my name is Peter J Gordon. I am married to Debbie, and we have a son called Rodrick who is autistic. I have two fantastic kids from my first marriage, it’s great when I see them. I also have four step kids with 2 having special and learning difficulties which are a major challenge at times. I am a member of the Helensburgh & West Dunbartonshire Ramblers which gets me out on the hills, and I am also with the Glasgow Triathlon Club which is fantastic and great fun.

My wife Debbie has been a born-again believer since December of 1991. Her walk with the Lord has had its ups and down’s but in the past 5 years it has grown and become much deeper and personal.

I was a wee boy when I came to know Jesus. I was 7 and I was up in the Island of Lewis. My family were strong Free Church of Scotland members and were very staunch in following the Bible. This was a nightmare on a Sunday when we weren’t allowed out to play or watch TV. In these times on a Sunday, I used to get really bored even after annoying my wee brother and sister!

Then I started trying to read the books in the house. They were all biblical ones, but I was more interested in the one my granddad had. I was interested in this one because he had it with him all the time and for doing what we called ‘the books’ which was the family get together. Every morning and evening my Granddad prayed, read a chapter of the Old Testament, then a Psalm then a chapter of the New Testament and finished with prayer. He did this every day with amazing dedication. He took time to meet with the Lord and making sure his family were blessed too.

On Sundays I used to get my writing pad out, or any piece of paper, and read and copy, word for word the Bible. I used the Gaelic AV Bible that my granddad had and an English AV bible to understand the Gaelic. I used to wonder why my Granddad glowed with a presence of peace and humbleness about his nature. I knew he got it from this Bible and in prayer.

I used to have a picture on my bedroom wall in Portnaguran of a wee boy kneeling at his bed. So, I went on the floor at my bed like him and prayed my wee heart out to the Lord asking him to save me, forgive me and to come into my life. I cried to sleep that night in the presence of the Lord. In the matter of that single night, I woke up next day with something I can’t describe because I cry even now thinking of it. I was a changed, regenerated young boy, and knew that I wanted to be a minister or missionary to serve Jesus. I was on fire for Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in me was so strong.

I remember coming back home from the Isle of Lewis and I told my Sunday school at Knox Free church and Scripture Union teacher at Goodlyburn Primary School, Miss McLennan that I got saved, and she understood! Throughout my childhood and even in adulthood where I worked painting her home, she was always an encourager and she never judged. She always had a peace about her like my grandad, she knew the Lord deeply.

During the 1985 famine in Ethiopia, I had one of my first experiences of feeling the Holy Spirit powerfully working. I prayed and cried to Jesus about these trucks that were stuck and couldn’t get through with supplies and they were really needed. The next day they got through and I felt the listening power of Jesus acting on my prayer. My Granddad’s life was one of prayer and he always said, ‘don’t underestimate the power of prayer’. My aunty Marian in Lewis still reminds me today on the power of prayer, it’s so important in your walk with Jesus. I see the answers to prayers and miracles every day from a prayer answering God.

As a child I was brought up by going to Gospel Hall meetings up in Perth where Jack Hay and John Campbell had an old wooden hut and preached for weeks on the Rannoch Road up in Letham, Perth. These were instrumental days of my life and so glad my mother took me to these meetings where seeds of the Gospel were planted.

In later years I enjoyed the fellowship and ministry at Perth Knox Free Church where the Rev. David Patterson and Rev. Duncan MacLeod gave strong Bible based sermons. Under their preaching, I backslid, and the world got in the way and spent lots of my time training as a sprinter with Perth Strathtay Harriers and started an apprenticeship as a decorator. I lost real passion for Christ in my late teens and early 20’s and had no love or hunger for the Bible. I was drinking, living in sin and I could tick of most of the abominations in Romans 1: 29-32, I was in a real mess.

It was when I was online looking at a website called Sermon Audio, I found the ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church and listened in to Ian Paisley’s services and found Dr. Alan Cairns by what I thought was a mistake. It was early 2005 and I was listening in regularly to Dr. Cairns and week after week the Holy Spirit was convicting me through his preaching. It was like I was in a boxing ring, on the ropes with punch after punch and then one blow I was on the floor and realised I was a sham before God, I had sinned against Him most of my life and I needed to repent and totally turnaround from my sins forever.

In these moments, the scales fell from my eyes, and years of tension fall away. I felt a confidence and assurance that now if I die, I know the Lord will take me into glory with Him. Now I have a great faith in Christ and know what it’s like to know him as my personnel saviour and the walk and talk with Him every day.

In 2005 my relationship with the Lord changed and I felt a desire to be baptised I felt of the need to be baptised, to show publicly to the world, proclaiming my faith in Christ that I was born again and to testify my identification with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. On the 01-10-2005 I was baptised at Luss on Loch Lomond. At the time I was baptised a crowd from a church wedding came out and witnessed it.

Alistair Begg of Parkside Church held the Basics 2007 Conference for pastors. This is where I saw a man called Edward Lobb preaching. During that conference Edward gave an interview and spoke about Cornhill Scotland at Glasgow’s Tron Church… the Church on Bath Street. I came home, searched online for it and sent an email requesting more information. After a lot of prayer, the Lord led me to apply for a place on the ministry training course. I was thankful to be accepted on the course and began a year’s training there in September of 2008 under the guidance of two experienced ministers Bob Fyall and Edward.

During my life I have had my ups and downs. I’ve tried at times to run away from God, but He’s always with you even if you don’t feel it or try and get away from Him. Looking back, I know He was even there when I was in a bar drinking away with the devil and living a life of sin. The Holy Spirit does plead with you to come back to a relationship with Jesus and get right with Him.